Calvary Christian College

Our journey as a school and the involvement of the church in this rewarding journey speaks to the fact that God is in the people business, and we understand that we are His people.  We also know that He never works outside of covenant.

From a primary school, which by the year 1994 school only had 68 children, Calvary Christian College has expanded into a prestigious secondary school.

The establishment of the secondary school can be traced back to the year 2002, which saw us make a massive, and life changing decision to embark on starting a high school.

Our first requirement was property, followed by all the required approvals from the Department of Education and then the actual planning for classrooms, teachers and marketing.  What happened in 2003 was nothing of a miracle: we acquired a magnificent 16 hectare property.  We believed in our God because the initial price of the property was R2 million which was later discounted to R1 million.  The property has been levelled ready for building, plans have been drawn and now we await delivery of municipal bulk services such as electricity, water and sewerage.

We started as a small school and have grown over the years.  However we do not want our growth to negatively influence our teacher/learner ratio.

Management Committee

Mrs Robertson


Primary and High Schools

Mrs Robertson remains a pillar of our institution and she continues to drive the vision of our school.

She provides much needed leadership and guidance to our teachers and learners.

Mrs S George

Head of Department

Foundation Phase

We have placed huge emphasis on providing our learners with a strong foundation in their education journey.  We have therefore placed this responsibility in the capable and experienced hands of Mrs S George.

Mrs J Chagamire

Head of Department

Intermediate Phase

Mrs J Chagamire is an outstanding leader within Calvary Christian College.  We count on her to ensure our intermediate learners from Grade 4 to 6 enjoy quality education and support through the learning process.

Mrs B van Rooyen

Head of Department

GET Phase

Mrs B Van Rooyen is a reliable member of staff.  Calvary Christian College counts on her valuable experience and education insights.  She is in charge of our GET phase which caters for Grades 7 to 9.

Mrs J Burmeister

Head of Department

FET Phase

The FET phase is a critical phase in our learner’s journey through Calvary Christian College.  We have placed this immense responsibility in the hands of dedicated staffer Mrs J Burmeister.  She has been in education for 50 years.

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